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i went as inuyasha to animazement 2004. on friday i was with a group of 3 inu's and it got really hot. before this one of the inu's left for a little bit. i took off my wig revealing my really long dark brown hair and took off my kimono......( i had a spigetti strap top on). when she came back, she stopped right in front of me and asked the other inu where i had gone. i told her i was right beside her. i think i scared her because she almost fell over. she said she had thought i was a guy the whole day. after that i had a kikyo who followed me around for awhile, that is until she found out i was a girl. i think she had a crush on me or something. also after that there was another kikyo who is a good friend of mine. she and i were walking around and a guy asked for our photo, so we did a pose. he then said that he wanted the pose when kikyo tries to take inuyasha to hell with her. they are kissing in that scene and i was like.... uh, how about just a hug, so we did.
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