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Well, I was dressed as Isabella (Paradise Kiss) at AX, and it was a long day, so I was getting cranky. Our group went to Denny's at about 10 pm. The waiter walked around and asked everyone what they'd like to drink. And I said in my regular, masculine, cranky voice: "Just water."

I couldn't see him because of my hat, but I understand that he freaked out completely. I decided to let my friends speak for me when I ordered my food... ^^

Oh, and then the next day I was dressed in an EGL-inspired outfit, and my girlfriend and I were walking around. These two nerdy guys held signs up to us that said something like "EGL's please give me a hug," and after I hestiated, I figured it wouldn't hurt, and I knew my fake boobs were realistic enough. Little did he know he was hugging a male anime nerd just like himself... ^^
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