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Originally posted by Caryn
He DOES sound yummy ^_^ What con(s) are you taking him to? I can contribute to the glomping, lol

But yeah, anything Bishonen...something that involves long hair and a cape would be ideal ^_^

As for neko-boys, just...eugh *shudders* that completely turns me off, but to each her own, I guess.

With his looks, comlete with Squall costume, he'll probably have to endure a glomp-fest. But if he's expecting to be glomped, it won't happen. The world's funny like that ^^

Btw...crossplay girls get fanGIRLS? And do guys really glomp girls?
We'll hopefully be at Sakura con up here in Seattle.. He's not expecting it, he doesn't even know I've planned this *evil laugh* And you don't have to crossplay, I got nearly stampeded by fangirls in my Meruru costume @_@

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