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Hello, I just wanted to echo Mysticete on this. I too feel like the judging is very inconsistent. My friend and I (I model her costumes) entered the hall costume contest in 2010 and got an incredible amount feedback on our costumes on a variety of costuming subjects from people who were very clearly experts in what they were discussing, and it really helped my friend improve. During the judging, there was discussion of the craftsmanship and accuracy of the costumes and many questions asked about methods. There was really a clear amount of craftsmanship expertise being discussed, and the judges seemed very knowledgeable.

2011 and 2012 felt very different. We got asked very little as far as craftsmanship went, and overall the judging felt more vague than it had before, and there was little general discussion about the craftsmanship or methods. Additionally, afterwards little to no feedback could be given on methods for improvement. Now, as far as organization goes, the contest worked like a well oiled machine, but it was surprising to see such a large difference from our first year competing. Perhaps we could get some deeper insight into the judging process? I too would like to see a rubric, or at least a return to the old judging process with the new organization. It would be a shame for others to lose insight such as what we got back in 2010.
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