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Originally Posted by CrystalNeko View Post
@Sephirayne: My 2 friends are planning Trinity Blood cosplays =3 I can't really say as it's a secret but you'll definitely spot 2 at London Expo in May that's for sure x3. I'm also planning Esther sometime in the future [mainly cause I want an excuse to have red hair xP]... no wait... gotta stop planning cosplays! >_<
Bummer! I'm having to pull out of the expo to go to a friend's pre wedding do. I'm so going to ones later in the year and I'll be at Amecon. All of which I plan to wear my TB stuff.

Originally Posted by ballet shoes View Post
I know Ive said hi in the Manc threads but Ill introduce myself to you properly

I'm Jacqui and Ive only just turned 23 (my God its scary!!). Obviously I have a massive obsession with anime and manga but my other passions are J Rock, gaming and writing. Ive been interested in cosplay for a long time but have only plucked up the courage to do it myself and become active in the community over the last year or so.

I work in Gamestation so I'm a bit of a gaming geek. I mostly love rpgs, beat em ups and rythm action games. My "show off" game (everyone has one) is definately Ouendan but when people see me play its a mixture of "Woah!!!!!" and "good lord thats mighty sad".

Nearer the time of the FF 13 launch Im going to ask my mighty manager if its ok to have some kind of FF cosplay competition. I promised my friend that Id do a FF cosplay and Ive decided on Tidus. I also prefer to crossplay. Actually I hardly ever play female characters. I guess I just like male characters a whole lot more!!

Seeing as were both Manc based I think we should definately run into each other (not literally of course lol) at some point. I always love meeting new cosplayers and people who have simular interests. Two of my closest friends are fortunately as obsessed with cosplaying too so we cosplay together a lot
Its sounds like that you and I would get on really well. Yes, I'm agaming geek as well. Currantly living the obsession that is sims2 (complete with FF sims and a load of hacks). We should so meet up. I'm planning a Tid cosplay myself at some point as well as Safer Sephiroth when I'm feeling more ambitous. it would be cool to join you for phoot shoots and cosplay sessions. Do you have IM?

Originally Posted by Kamineko_ii View Post
Seems like Abakhan is either closing down or just getting a hell of a lot smaller. Aaaaiiiiieeee!
Hmm. Well, both the Manchester and Preston ones are still going strong maybe they are having a major change of stock. Its been years since I went to the liverpool one. Since I've found one in Manchester I'm unlikely to go back there.
Costume Plans for 2011
Sephiroth(Dissidia FF and Classic) - Abel Nightroad(Empire, Early AX white jacket, AX Artbook and Gold Armour with BOOK O' DOOOMM) - Cain Nightroad(Trinity Blood Artbook) - Madam Red and Undertaker(Kuroshitsuji) - Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter films) - Legolas(Lord of The Rings Films) -

Trinity Blood - when one Nightroad is never enough. Experience it for yourself today!

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