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This was my first time at NYAF or ComicCon, and I have to say it was a disappointment. I only went for the NYAF aspect of it. The fact that there was SO much ComicCon didn't really bug me, but people who went strictly for ComicCon are very different from usual anime/gaming con-goers. They seemed a lot more crude and rude. That aside, the con was a hot mess.

As far as cons are concerned Friday should never be better than Saturday, but I enjoyed myself SOOOO much more Friday because there were TOO many people there Saturday. I had more fun spending 2 and a half hours in a random corner with my friends on Saturday than I did at any other point that day. My costume was so severely damaged Saturday night that I almost considered not even cosplaying Sunday.

And on top of all that, hello? Fire hazard????
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