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Originally Posted by yacchan View Post
Anyway, I'm not saying it's exactly pleasant, but it is pretty logical when you think about it. And that's ignoring the whole Reeds/Wizard thing going on.
I'm glad that someone is at least paying attention to that aspect, and you are completely right about playing to the majority. I'm just glad that someone else here knows about that whole silly con-war before they post their opinions about how horrible the con was.

Originally Posted by han-pan View Post
I have to say something about this.

I have also been to SEVERAL anime/gaming AND comic conventions, and I have to say that, in MY experiences, people that go to anime conventions are much ruder, destructive, ignorant, cruel, immature and more difficult to deal with than comic fans.

And also, what on earth does "normies" even mean? o.6 Most people who go to comic conventions are there to buy art, meet famous artists, get signatures, buy comic books or swag, things related to a hobby that (many) of them sink thousands of dollars into. So I wouldn't call that "slightly nerdy" in any way. .
Han-pan, I agree with you wholeheartedly, as horrible as that is to say. I'm not looking to start a debate or derail the thread, but it was a very ignorant statement originally posted.
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