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Originally Posted by Muze View Post
Oh ok, so now you're asking for help to find the transaction?

You sirusly aren't helping your friend at all, neither is your friend helping herself much at all.

I'm say this a 3rd time,
provide some evidence, and people will believe your story.
Thus end up trying to help you.

I can be some total hot shot, know the CEO of Ebay, asking him to solve this situtation. (goes soemthing like this)

"hey mark(assuming Ebay's CEO's name is mark) I need help on this transaction"
"Sure np Muze, what the buyers ID"
"I don't know."
"Did they get an confirmation e-mail"
"They said they did.."
"Can they me that e-mail"
"They can't, caz its too personal"
" do you have any physcial evidence at all?"

Btw, next time when youre able to apply for a driver liense without using the form DMV provide you, let me know. (The importances of formant)
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