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Yeah, something about the color bugs me though still, I might look for my gold rub and buff and and add some of that. While it's not screaming "HEY IM F*CKIN GOLD!!!" anymore, it seems a bit brassy too me. I think the Gold R&B might help it out, and if I do it right, I can keep the brass like gold and use it for weathering.

Lol, he was on weeny mode to me, but even still in DA 2 he did come to his senses and go against Meredith. After all he had a huge crush on the Mage Grey Warden and it seemed like in DA 2 they still brought it up. You have to be introduced to Abominations at some point as a Templar. ;-) Consider him now.....hardened. He's still infatuated with his mage though. ;-)
Cullen is cool. XD
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