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1. Having an anime convetion at the convention center, which is insanely costly, probably not the best idea. Especially for a convention trying to get up onto its feet, with people being wary and relatively minor guests at this point (relative to other cons and past cons). I like to think AE realized the convention center was not financially feasible, which is one reason the con returned to UBC the following year.

2. It's the same weekend as the Zombie Walk. The last time AE was the same weekend as a Zombie walk was back in 2005 or something, which was the year before I started going to Zombie walk. If the choice is a toss up between AR on saturday and Zombie Walk, my choice is going to be Zombie Walk, because it's 1) free, 2) guaranteed to be fun, 3) has a long and reliable history. Given the amount of anime con fans/cosplayers who attend Zombie Walk, I can't see how AR thought this was a good idea, but whatever. Given that they are hosting it at the convention center, they likely had to book so far in advance that other event dates weren't announced yet.

Either way, at best, I would do fri/sun at the con, which is probably not worth paying for. Saturday I'd be doing zombie walk, the makeup takes hours and I'm usually exhausted afterward and have to take it off, so cosplaying something else after and going to an anime con isn't a reasonable question. So I might not even bother this year, which is really disappointing.

If I do show up, it would be only to cosplay fri/sun without paying or attending events probably.

As much as you guys harp on about UBC campus sucking, and I won't disagree with you, things that SFU & UBC shared which I liked were lots of outdoor areas for games (glomp circle etc.), grassy areas to sit down and picnic, and beautiful photoshot areas. I agree that UBC was a bit too spread out, and that there are likely more food options downtown... (although the convention center is not near much really decent food, you still have to travel quite a ways unless you want fast food or insane ovepriced yuppie food at the waterfront). However the convention center downtown felt too big for AE, like we hadn't grown into it yet. A lot of areas felt empty, and the few outside areas were remote/far away and kind of cold/lifeless.

And if the cost of the convention center is driving the $75 event prices, which I'm sure it is, then I'd rather have it back at UBC for a more moderate and reasonable price, personally.

As for Dolphin, he's argumentative about everything in case you haven't run into him before. There's no point in trying to argue, because he just picks fights with people. You might see him as being rude or trying to cram his opinion down your throat, but eh, I'm sort of used to seeing him do it at this point. He obviously doesn't care what anybody thinks about him and always thinks he's in the right. lol

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