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Sierrria) the zombie walk starts on Saturday downtown art gallery every year. Then they usually march through the city. Last year's route was down Robson and up denman, finishing around English bay. Other years have gone through Pacific Center, Metrotown, etc.

Here is the event page if you're interested. It does indeed conflict with Anime Revo, which is why I think it's poor planning personally due to the amount of crossover, people will definitely have a hard time picking, and photographers will likely favour Zombie Walk for the saturday day time I would imagine. It will definitely put a damper over AR's saturday.

Momimochi) Yes, SFU's up in the sclouds mountain top campus. Valhalla!

It's where AE was hosted since the get-go until about, what? 2008? When AE moved to UBC, we thought the con was going to be cancelled altogether honestly.

It was something like

AE 2007 (& all years prior): SFU
AE 2008 (almost cancelled): UBC
AE 2009: Convention Center (which imo they couldn't afford)
AE 2010: back at UBC
AE 2011 : cancelled - Cos & Effect & a Manga Marketplace were the only events run by diff organizers
AR 2012: Convention Center
AE 2012: In talks. I don't really have much hope/faith, and I think the community has lost faith by this point in them too, but we'll see what happens if they manage to get their crap together.

As far as I know, historically, AE's room bookings were handled and organized by the SFU Anime Club until 2008, which is the Company's line for why we moved to UBC. Although if you interacted with the staff it was pretty evident that they didn't want us there anymore.

Despite constant denials and attempts to smooth things over on AE's part, the SFU staff were booking other events in rooms normally reserved for AE, they blocked us out from renting townhouses, and eventually from renting any rooms altogether... they clearly didn't want us there anymore, and it was not surprising personally, based on the amount of filth and garbage AE con-goers were leaving lying around, and the nasty state they left the townhouses in after drunken underage partying.

For me, SFU was kinda far removed but I didn't mind it. UBC isn't terrible, I do agree it has faults in terms of food availability and location between buildings.. But I still have qualms with the convention center: primarily that I just don't think AE was quite ready to step into the shoes of a massive convention, the numbers were still growing. AR is, what, brand new? It doesn't seem wise to me to jump the gate and book the convention center for the first go, but I guess we'll see if they survive it financially?

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