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Originally Posted by Inuki1 View Post
AE 2012: In talks. I don't really have much hope/faith, and I think the community has lost faith by this point in them too, but we'll see what happens if they manage to get their crap together.
As far as I know, AE is planning on an event 2013 which makes sense - no way they could do anything this year.

Originally Posted by Inuki1 View Post
AR is, what, brand new? It doesn't seem wise to me to jump the gate and book the convention center for the first go, but I guess we'll see if they survive it financially?
This is my biggest doubt with AR. I have very faith in these complete unknowns actually being able to pull off an event this scale... definitely not enough to give them money before I see the con actually happening. Not only do they have a very ambitious place to hold the con, but they also have a very challenging event schedule that they're promising... But we'll see.

I'm definitely going to the Zombie walk on Saturday, we've been going for several years running now. Not taking a day off work for AR on Friday, though I'll most likely check it out on Sunday.

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