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Every time I have asked a question or disagreed with something AR is doing I have been met with hostility not only from the staff, but the AR community. The community as a whole has proven to be immature, petty, and unnecessarily rude. I have seen people flamed on the forums, facebook, and twitter simply for asking legitimate questions, I know several people who have similar experiences, and several others with a whole different set of issues with AR.
Like I said, I was initially excited for AR, but the overall behaviour of the staff and community has severely disappointed me. I understand that they are just regular people with school, jobs, etc., and that they are working hard to put the con together. However that is not an excuse to pick fights, flame people, and create drama. They may be nice in person, but behind their keyboards they are very arrogant and take what other people say FAR too seriously. I'd like to stress again that it is both the staff AND the community of supporters that I've seen this from, and it's downright despicable.
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