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First off, just know that you are not alone. I suffer from a severe lack of self confidence as well and often feel the same way you do when I see myself in the mirror ... but sometimes there are days when I look in the mirror and think "Maybe I'm not so bad after all." ... but the truth of the matter is, you're never "bad" really. The think that what hurts people like you and I is indeed the pressure from others to look a certain way, and I've seen my fair share of ignorant comments and websites that call out people for being "bad" or "unattractive" cosplayers ... and when you see people freaking out about being "too fat" for a cosplay, for example... but in the end, you just have to ignore those people as best you can. It can be difficult, I know ... but what you should focus on is whether or not you're having fun... because THAT is the most important part of cosplay. Not how you look, or what your skill level is even .... just that you are having a lot of fun! Once you're having fun, and you surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good about just being yourself, then it's easy to ignore all the biggots and idiots out there who get their jollies from putting down other people.
So yes, I guess this is just my round about way of saying that I understand how you feel, but you should let it get you down!
Besides that, everyone is beautiful in their own way. We are all unique and we are all amazing!
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