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Don't base your self worth on the opinions of other people or on how 'pretty' you are perceived. Being pretty or good looking is not a requirement to be an attractive person, and yes they're different things.

'Pretty' is not the height of what you can be as a person, it isn't a goal or an award you get because X amount of people think your bangable. Your job as a human being is no to be as desirable to as many people as possible. Whether or not nameless masses in the void of space consider you suitably hot doesn't take away who you are, your goals, your achievements, and everything that comes together on an atomic level to make you who you are.

Coming to terms with the notion that you don't owe people being attractive, that being attractive isn't the highlight of your life or worth as a person, and not basing your value on other people will help you not give a single fucking fuck about fucks who are fucking fuckers.

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