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Originally Posted by Peaches-N-Cream View Post
1.Name: Kim Jay Soo (its a codename as a safety for my life)

2.General location: Terre Haute,Indiana

3.Self Summary/Gender/Age: I'll be 22 on Jan. 22nd 2013. FEMALE. Im an Indiana Cosplayer and i love Asian Culture. I mostly like Taiwanese,Japanese and Korean. I watch nothing but Asian Dramas and movies and Anime. I'm a sort of tomboy, i will not wear girly clothes unless its a wedding dress or Lolita fashion.

4.Likes and or dislikes: i like asian bands, my whole MP3 is filled with them lol. I also like to Cosplay,sing,draw,dance,watch anime and BL movies, as well as Yaoi Mangas..i also love SUSHI!!!. I dislike rude guys,spicy foods,people who say Ramyun is bad when they have not tasted it. I even dislike those who think us Cosplay Community is a bunch of fools, well we appreciate our foolery~

5.What you are looking for: A relationship. Guy. Someone who accepts me, and loves what i do as ME. Just someone i can lean to and chat with after work, someone who shares what i do for fun Cosplaying. A COSPLAY PARTNER.
you do long distance relationships Peaches.
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