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Originally Posted by firecloak View Post
Should a photographer know how to pose you?

I was arguing with one of my photographer friends earlier. He said he didn't like it when the cosplayer has no poses in mind, and that got me thinking. How important is it for a photographer to know how to pose people?

I think a photographer should be able to pose the model, especially if they ask for a shoot. Even if the cosplayer asks for a shoot, I feel that the photographer should still have some general pose ideas.

I personally like it when the photographer has posing suggestions. I also like it when they adjust my current pose slightly (lift your head more, turn your shoulders this way...)
I'm awful at this, honestly. I'm trying to get better at it, but posing is really not my strong point. I can do it while looking in a mirror, but sometimes during a photoshoot I'll be focusing so much on my legs/arms that I forget to do the "no-double-chin" trick with my head. Then later when I see the pics, I think "if only they'd mentioned my chin!"

I feel it's the responsibility of the cosplayer to at least have a few pose ideas - after all, the photographer may not be very familiar with that particular character. But I also think the photographer should be allowed to try out some poses if they have an idea.

I especially like it when a photographer is willing to adjust my pose. It's hard for me to visualize just how a pose may look while I'm doing it, especially if it's one I haven't practiced much yet. I'd love to know if bending my arm down a little or turning my head a bit will make the photo more dynamic. In the end, we'll both get a better photo for it.

Originally Posted by Ashurachan View Post
A question to cosplayers who have FREE photoshoots with photographers.
Photography is a hobby for me, and while I love taking photos, there are large periods of time during which I just don't have any sort of patience for post-processing. So depending on the amount of post-processing needed, and my own motivation, I can release a shoot within two days, or nine months after the shoot.
So, how long after the shoot do you expect to have your photos ? If the photographer releases a preview shot or two within a week after the shoot, is a months-long wait more tolerable ?
If it is a free shoot, I'm much more patient than I am with a paid photoshoot. For a paid shoot, I'd usually expect at least some (maybe more than half) of the images within a couple of weeks. For a free shoot, I'd say about two months. I will admit that the wait is much easier if they release a few preview shots along the way, though.

It also depends on the con. Most of the photos I get are at Dragon*Con. Since it's such a large event and I know most photographers are working through images from multiple shoots, I'm more patient. For a relatively small convention where the photographer may not have had as many photo shoots, I'd expect at least some teaser/preview pics a bit faster.

In the end, it's all about communication. Keeping the cosplayer(s) updated and letting them know that you're working on the images goes a long way toward keeping people happy while waiting. A preview pic here and there helps as well. I was part of a group at Dragon*Con that had some paid photos taken. The photographer ended up with a massive backlog of images from the con, and kept the group updated to let us know he was still working his way through them. Over the time period, he posted a few of his favorite shots as previews, which actually helped build excitement for the "final reveal". When all was said and done, it was about a month or so before all the images were ready, but no one was upset because we knew we hadn't been forgotten.

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