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Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy. View Post
....I feel like I spam this forum but I'm going to post again anyways just to see if anyone's interested .~.

Welp, tried on my former Ciel wig for the first time since getting my new one (after looking through some awesome cosplayers' pictures and going I WANT YOUR WIGS) and...I can officially say R.I.P. to that thing. I don't understand why it doesn't fit me anymore, but now it looks incredibly awkward to me to wear it, and I realized just how itchy and overly thick it is compared to the other one.

Now, for what I'm posting here for. I am considering possibly selling it. I would ask a fair price for it (since there isn't anything actually wrong with it and it isn't damaged at all) but certainly not anything ridiculous. Probably somewhere around the $25-35 range. If you can bear my ridiculous looking faces, some pictures of it are in my gallery (yes, every picture of my Ciel cosplay thus far.) is a silverish-gray, but seems to change colors depending on the lighting, going anywhere to a bluish tint of..something xD Impossible to describe. But I think that works well for Ciel. (And, of course, I can give more pictures if you want them.)

Didn't mean to make this an ad, don't yell at me x-x I wanted to post here to see if anyone here wanted it (since I'm sure not everyone looks in the Marketplace thread) and didn't want to have to send all that in seperate PMs or redirect to a Marketplace thread.
Really?! Yay! I'm also a Georgia cosplayer! ^_^ Is the wig still for sale?
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