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Name of Commissioner: DizzyLizzy
Character:Cirucci Thunderwitch (wig and hollow mask clip-on)
Timeline: I asked her for the commission around end of june/ beginning of july. She was stacked up with a ton of other comissiones, but somehow was able to get the wig to at the beginning of august! so no more than a month! i was VERY happy!!
Experience: I have worked with Lizzy before on a costume of yoruichi and was extremly pleased with it! (its a con favorite XD) So when i decided that i needed a customized wig for a great price and excellent stylist, i called on Lizzy~

She has alway been very good with communication~ letting me know when she ordered the wig, when it arrived, and then plenty of progress shots to make sure that she was doing what i had asked, and she went above and beyond! The wig came with a hand written note as well as apple scented bath salt and instructions on how to care for my new wig! Great job Lizzy~<3

Thank you Lizzy! i hope to commission from you soon~
Grade: A+++++++
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