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When I paid her on April 9th
I wrote a follow up e-mail on May 1st
Shown because of the time frame. I paid with the money directly in Paypal and it took... almost a month to clear? Suspicious...
Another follow-up e-mail on May 22nd, which was replied to with a generic, "okay, I'll send it" sort of message
June 22nd, next follow up e-mail. I had been out of town, and when I got back, there was still nothing. No reply to this e-mail until the 8th of July.
Finally, I get a reply. Notice the whole "within the next 2 days" line again. Also, the whole, "innocent" act. This is also the last e-mail reply I've gotten from her.
I had to finally track her Myspace down to contact her.
Here's her promising to send the payment. And I haven't had contact with her sense. Again with that, shocked, surprised, innocent attitude.

Final Grade: F------ x 10. HORRIBLE little thief ='([/quote]
Those links aren't working, when I click to view them it says the image has been moved or deleted.

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