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Smile BB Cream and Face Primer Question :]

I usually only wear makeup when I'm cosplaying and try a makeup cosplay. I'm talking about Asia BB Cream ^^.. So this is my question..:

1. Which on is better? BB Cream or Face Primer? (Btw, I have a normal skin.. kind of dry but not oily)
2.can you wear foundation and concealer after you wear BB Cream? Is BB cream also a foundation?
3. Which on last longer? or which one can make makeup last longer?
4. once you used BB cream do you need to wear them everyday?
5. Can you wear foundation and concealer after you wear primer ?
6. Which one give you more flawless face? even in the picture?
7. Which one is cheaper ?

What do you guys wear for your cosplay makeup?

Oh.. and I always use Hazeline Moisturising Cream everyday, so.. do i need to left out that? I been using it for a long time now..for make my face whiter.. i look pale in my cosplay picture.. I wonder why.. I used foundation, concealer, powder and browner.. still make me look pale or maybe it's just the camera xD
:\ anyway..
That's all Thank you! (^_^)
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