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I was talking to Sam about this last night, and I asked-- why do men continue to do this? What is it about women at conventions/video game tournaments/anywhere that men find so threatening and upsetting?

And he just said, "it's a boy's club and now there are girls in it."

Really I don't think any of us should have to defend our "nerd cred", whatever that is and whatever it's worth, I don't think we should all have to state how many years we've been reading comics or why we choose to wear a certain costume or what our craftsmanship credentials are. Not only because, yo, we just shouldn't have to, but because as far as these human stains are concerned, it doesn't matter anyway.

Your parents could have papered your nursery with classic issues of X-Men and read you Sandman instead of Hop on Pop. You could be a comic writer who's received multiple Eisner awards. You could have graduated FIT head of the class. You could have gotten a job in game development after winning multiple top-tier VG tourneys. Your credentials don't matter to them. All they see is boobs in their territory, boobs they have no control over. That's all we are to them, and all they can do is keep coming up with BS reasons we don't belong there to try and intimidate us and push us out. Any attempt to justify our presence only infuriates them further. Let's just keep on with our bad selves and let these penis wrinkles be below our notice.
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