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Originally Posted by Tigress View Post
New one that just occurred: Being bad with names.

Ever had this occur? Someone comes running up to you, all excited to see you. You think you saw them at another con, but you've been to so many that they are starting to run together. Or you vaguely remember the costume from coscom. But you can't... remember... their freakin'... NAME.

So you go, "Oh, yes! I remember you! You're... um... You're... ah... YOU!"

Then you desperately hope you'll get some clue as to who they are or where you met them so you can put a name to the face. And, more often than not, you fail at it and have to stumble through an apology because you honestly can't place them...
I can't actually say that's happened because I pretty much never recognize them no matter what. Faceblindness sucks. -_- Basically if someone has different hair or clothes than the last time I saw them, let alone an entirely different look, make-up job, etc.... I will almost certainly not recognize them. Even in real life, I have a hard time recognizing coworkers or even family members.

The only time I can ever recognize cosplayers is when they're wearing the same costume they were wearing last time I saw them, and it's a rare enough costume that not too many people wear it, or they have a particular detail that no one else does.
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