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For the record - I really don't have much loyalty to any publisher or developer. It's a business relationship. All a business owes me is to not lie to me about what their product is and state the total price. Then it's up to me to decide if it's worth my money or not. And this is something where I think the XIII haters may have a legitimate gripe. Full disclosure - the only FF game I have played is XIII. I tried a DS port of, er, IV? maybe? and lost interest after about 5 minutes. BUT - I heard a lot of complaints about the linearity and lack of towns in XIII and unless that was all widely publicized beforehand (which maybe it was? IDK) people have a right to be pissed. If you have played FFI-XII, I think you have the right to expect something similar from XIII or be given plenty of warning so you can decide whether or not you want to buy it.

I don't think that having three games in one universe is that big of a deal. Honestly, that's pretty standard. The more important thing is that a game is good. Or, well, let's say enjoyable. Like I said, I enjoyed XIII despite its problems. It just seems weird to me that here's one game we know almost nothing about - XIII-3 - and everyone's going IT SUCKS!!! Then there's another game that we know almost nothing about - Versus - and everyone is screaming because Square is refusing to release this AWESOME game. And yeah, the Versus graphics look great and it sounds amazing from what's been said, but so what? Talk is cheap. It could still suck.

Yeah, that's a drag. But what's the answer? "Shouldn't have to" doesn't even enter into it. If they thought they could make money with an official NA release they would. So they should localize these games, lose money and go out of business? Yeah - maybe they could try improving their marketing, but can they create demand where there is none? Maybe look at it this way - at least in the digital age you can get fan translations, emulators and mods. Who knows - maybe this is an opportunity for a smaller start-up company. Find a way to translate and digitally distribute niche titles. I don't know nearly enough about programming or the industry to know if that is financially feasible.

I think it was the guy who made Fez (too lazy to google) who stirred up a minor controversy by saying that the Japanese don't know how to make modern games. Since my two favorite games last year (Dark Souls and Catherine) were both from Japanese companies, I just shrugged it off. But you know, when I was playing XIII I thought, "Ohhhhhhh. Maybe this is what he means?" I'm not going to claim that I know a lot about game design, but in what world is 10 chapters of "walk forward and press X" followed by 1 chapter of ball-busting enemies in a giant open world, most of whom you're not supposed to fight yet, followed by 2 chapters of mostly walking forward and occasionally doing something other than press X, considered a good idea? I won't go into the whole laundry list of minor things that made no sense. IDK, it seemed to have a lot of the basics down - solid battle system, potentially interesting characters and story, snazzy graphics - but couldn't manage to put them all together and develop them in a coherent way.

Well, you know, nothing lasts forever. Even if it is nearing the end, 25 years is a good run.

You may be right, but either way, I've decided to stop caring. Announcing a game and then not delivering in a timely manner screams "problems". Even if it does end up getting made it's likely to be a mess. Out of curiosity - what are some games that were years in the making that people think were worth the wait?
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