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White Tiger
Weird russian movie about an unbeatable german supertank that, after destroying dozens of T-34s always vanishes into thin air. Very weird ending too.. But had a few nice tank battles.
Maybe I just didn't get it...

Future X-Cops
Horrible CGI, lame action and bad acting. One scene is almost exactly copied from Matrix Revolutions. And sucks even more. The cyborg baddies look more funny than scary. Fast forwarded to a lot of the movie, but even the big action sequence at the end was a letdown.
0/5, zero, nothing, negative 1000

Piranha 3D
That's how you do a creature movie! Brainless, bloody fun. Not perfect, but at least it was entertaining after the horrible Future X-Cops. Made you really hate that one guy and cheer when he died.

Get Him to the Greek
Seen it more than once now, still funny
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