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1. Q: I’m running more than one photoshoot, can I just send one email?
A: No, everything is organized in my Gmail folder by each photoshoot so for every photoshoot you host you will have to send another email.
2. Q. How many people should be running the photoshoot with me?
A. This depends on the size of the photoshoot. If it’s a small/medium shoot (<50 cosplayers) than one person may suffice to run it. If there are more than 60 cosplayers expected then 2 would be more appropriate. If there is closer to 100 expected than 3 people should help organize and run it. Of course there is flexibility here, and if you are unsure of attendance you can ask me as I have all the numbers from the previous years photoshoots.

3. Q. Do I have to get my badge with all the other attendees if I am organizing a photoshoot?
A. No! Anyone organizing a photoshoot will be picking up their badges where those who get a panel check in. (York Room of the Double Tree) You will also get a sheet with all of your panels and photoshoots on it. A volunteer or staff will be moving around throughout the day to all of the photoshoot locations to sign off sheets for people.

4. What about a space for vehicles?
A. A space in the parking lot is being worked on. By the end of March I should have details. It won’t likely be booked space, but it will be there for those who have bikes/roller blades etc. and want to do a photoshoot with some people.

5. How will I arrange to get credit for my photoshoot?
A. Once organizers get a confirmation email from me saying their photoshoot has been booked they can input their photoshoot into the website under photoshoot section. (Example: Friday Final Fantasy Photoshoot) Everyone else who is helping out with each photoshoot will sign up for the same photoshoot. I will then cross reference the information on my side and set all the times you have given me in the emails into the database. Image on how to do it here <-- everyone hosting the shoot does this

6. Q. Will you be releasing my real name? (Thanks for the question musicalcats)
A. Nope! That's just for use so when you come and nab your badge at the York room we can find all the bits and pieces.

About the indoor location
It's at the front of the TCC, where they renno'd....

Unless there's sudden interest for it, i'll have it as an open area for people to get pictures taken. I'll try and get a water table in there as well, and some chairs, and maybe a riser.
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