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Originally Posted by Nefer View Post
Oh, neat! Thanks for the info, I'll go make a thread in the official AN forum then right away ...and send you all the info you need as well ^^ (IE and coscom hated eachother yesterday night, so I was afraid I had miss something...). Oh, and the FF photoshoots has 3 people each day, hope it's ok, it's easier that way, one to handle 'the crowd', and two for shooting, pose ideas, placing people correctly for the shoots, etc. ...and I'll probably run after FF cosplayers to tell them where the shoot is once at the con lol.

Edit: And apparently my teahouse account doesn't exists anymore...what the freak? *headdesk*

Yeah 3 is okay, perfect even as FF broke the 100 barrier last year

Also - teahouse forums are new now, so that is why your account does not exist... was never on those forums to begin with. forums means I had mod status there and can pin stuff and edit posts and whatnot so things are cleaner.
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