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Originally Posted by DivisibleByZero View Post
I am going to Anime Milwaukee on Feb. 15-17... Well, Pretty sure I'm only going on Saturday, because a friend's parent apparently likes to ruin her and my plans. XD


What Kpop cosplay should I do? I really don't have too much time to make or buy a cosplay, because up until recently, I didn't think I was going...
I could probably make like, smaller little detail things, I suppose?
I was thinking that, since the friend who is going with me LOVES B.A.P, and I still really like them but not as much as she does, I figured we could do Matoki cosplays, but now I don't think she can, so... Yeeahh... But like I'm looking for both a simple cosplay that I could do for the 15th, and another that I could make over time.
But, uhh, yeah... So, here are a couple of pictures of me for reference:
From last year at AMKE as Misa Amane (My only full body pic, lol):
Just for reference of what my hair looks like now:

If you want a simple but recognizable costume I would suggest:

Mister - Kara
Run devil run - SNSD (the black with gold hood outfit)
Touch - Miss A
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