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Alois Trancy cosplay coat?

Hi everyone! So I've decided to not buy any cosplays this year and make them instead, except of course for the wigs. This year I plan to mostly SHOP at the convention so I won't have to buy a ton of stuff online. This has been my goal since I decided like, last year.

So I was looking at characters whose outfits look easy enough to make without sewing, since I can't do that at all. I've tried teaching myself but I guess it's just not as great as it would be to have someone I know teach me....and I don't know many adults that sew. Oh well.

So far Alois's costume looks easy enough, with the exception of one thing; his coat.

As I said, I don't want to buy online so it'd be great if any stores carried anything LIKE this, or similar enough that I could dye it or something. I could try iParty but to be honest a Dracula cape wouldn't work too well for this.

And if it's a must I AM willing to try and make this, but I'm just not sure how.

So, yeah. How would you recommend I go about making his coat? Or if you know of a place I could get one that'd be awesome. I'm terribly bad at everything, but I'll try putting it together! Thanks so much. Here's a good picture of him for reference. You get a good view of the coat/cape/I don't care too!
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