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Saw Crystal Castles last night, so many feels. And I'm not talking about wah wah I love you feels.

The show was dedicated to a fan called Connor who had been in contact with the band frequently, they actually called him on his birthday and sent him a micro synthesizer and they had planned for him to come to a show soon. Unfortunately he died of cancer only a few nights ago. They had candles and lilies and pictures of him on stage. I used to know the guy on tumblr, but because I've deleted my blog it was the first I had heard about it last night. Alice was genuinely upset and started crying at the end.

Unfortunately the audience at CC gigs are 99% cunts, and they couldn't give a shit. When they bought the candles and white lilies out these girls behind me were making joke about it being a love note from a creepy fan. Bitch, it's fucking candles and white lilies, obviously someone has died! She's on stage balling her eyes out and all you can say is "You're so fucking hot, spit in my mouth!" Fucking hate it, it was an amazing gig apart from that, I have so much respect for the band I thought the tribute was beautiful.
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