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Dane has handed over the reigns of the gathering to Magnanimousman on tumblr; he does not have an account on coscom, so I'll be acting as proxy as far as communications here go.

We are aiming for a 3pm gathering on either Friday or Saturday, whichever day Cosplay Chess is NOT occuring on so we will not be running parallel to a major event. Why 3pm and not the usual 4:13? Since ALA is a winter convention, sunset times are earlier, this way we will have usable light in our location. Speaking of location, the planned area is the lower area of the patio; after talking with Niki, who is in charge of the gathering master list, the pool deck would have more than enough room for us, but we will be able to secure a longer time slot for the patio.

Homestuck is a larger gathering, and after the crowds that came in during AX, it would be in everyone's best interest to work closely with ALA staff in order to make sure that we have enough space to gather in without being a fire hazard or just plain space weasels, and that we have enough time in our allotted gathering space to showcase everyone's hard work on their costumes.

A new thread might be in order so we can edit the front post, but this is a heads up for those keeping track of the forum at this point. Heads up, guys.
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