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I understand what you're talking about...My friend has a very controlling mother. She doesn't let him do anything, and I really mean it. He can't even carpool with other kids or go over to someone's house. It's really sad.
With my parents...they really aren't in my life. Sure we live together, and sometimes do things...I feel uncomfortable when I'm just with them because we never do things together. It's going to be hell when my sister moves out, I'll be living with strangers.
They always fight when she's not home as well. Guess who gets to hear the arguments of divorce, how my Dad thinks he's always right, and of course how ungrateful and horrible of children my sister and I are? I do! Not to mention how they give me constant pressure about my grades, if I don't get straight A's I always get a snide remark and then a yelling from my Dad. Which just causes me to get stressed out and break down because I think how I'm such a loser in my parents eyes. /rant
I just...can't wait to move out. I'll deal with them now but when I get the chance I am fucking gone.
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