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My dad makes me do all the work around the house. e_e I don't mind doing the housework, but shaving his back and getting a glass of water that's right in front of him- no thanks. And he's very easily fired up, so he yells at me a lot, and it's usually at the wrong times when I'm in a happy mood. >.<;; It's kinda downgrading...
But other than that, my mum won't let me see my only friend who likes anime :c Well not much anyway. She's the only person I know who I can talk to for 3 hours straight (been there, done that) and my mum doesn't really want me hanging out with her because she's a "bad influence" (seriously, she's only two years older and she's only dyed her hair. I fail to see the bad thing about that...?)
Nevertheless, I'm going to an art gallery with her tomorrow which has a room full of internet memes (it's freaking awesome) and a gifrigginormous slide with loops. (we're going in cosplay, lolol) so it's all good. =w=
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