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yesthe day right after i got bac from mew con (and feeling like my hearts been ripped out) my mom gave me alot of chores to do and all i want to do is to be alone so i can try to feel better.

and she does this alot
id be coming in from doing a chore or somthing and like she would say

" can u get the mail? thanks ur a super star" without a second for me to say yes or no shes my boss at work and we used to unlock and get the workplace open together and close now i have to do everyhting by myself and the days were she would open up with me she would find a way for her to be busy in those times so she would say " oh im going to be 5 mins" and id have to open up by myself.

and constantly when we are working on a task that requires both our skill to do she will get a call from one of her sisters or whoever and leave me to do it by myself. and she taes her marry time while on the phone

also like at work when there is not much to do she will let me off early, most of the times its like this

"ok -my name- all u have to do is -task 1- -task 2- then u can be done for today" etc not many but yea id do the tasks and then id ask her of i can be done and she would say "oh i never said that, i must have not been paying attention i did not mean that" or somthing phony
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