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Anime Expo - Information Needs and Concerns

We've been discussing several matters in the No Club Nokia & Nokia Theater thread that should be given some more attention and don't quite fit in that subject anymore.

Remember, this is for information sharing and supposition. We're here to discuss, not engage in flame wars because that's a waste of time.

What we know is that the X-Games is happening the same weekend as Anime Expo. On the surface, this doesn't seem like a bad thing, but it does cause problems in that the direct route by foot from the J.W. Marriott and the Luxe to the LACC could be completely cut off based on the 2011 layout of the X-Games as below:

X-Games 2011 Map

Thank you to Hetalia-Chan for their investigative prowess.

So, this is inconvenient at best. There's an added concern in that, as far as we know, the X-Games and ESPN will be serving alcohol to their patrons, and we as anime fans, and more specifically cosplayers, may be the subject of some intense scrutiny and potential ridicule.

We've been discussing this issue on and off and attempting to contact ESPN for some information, but we've either been misunderstood or blown off so far. We've also had some assurances that the SPJA is working on the issue, but the progress has been sort of slow for my personal tastes.


Another curiosity is that the rates for the J.W. Marriott of have suddenly dropped by $15 per night for single occupancy, and $55 per night for quad occupancy. To me, this says they're really pushing to get more people in the hotel, but is it to either force negotiation with ESPN by showing there's more of us there, or was there just not enough people taking advantage of the hotel?

That's up to speculation


People are still booking the Hotel Figueroa, even though it's arguably the most vile hotel in the area. I don't think it's arguable that it's the most vile hotel in the AX block.


Last on my personal list is that the Anime Expo website forum is down. There's a splash page in its place stating that it's down for some long-standing technical difficulty. I wasn't aware of any prior difficulty.

See for yourself here.

Does anyone have any more information on what this is about? For me, this is a serious problem when we're 2 months away from a convention that, again, to me, is fighting to maintain its title as the biggest U.S. anime convention, and now they have no way to converge, arrange gatherings, and speak to each other unless they happen to come here. And if they're non-cosplayers, it's less likely they'll come here.

Sorry, but I think there needs to be a bit of information shared, and I was hoping that some people out there have more than I do.
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