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So, this is inconvenient at best. There's an added concern in that, as far as we know, the X-Games and ESPN will be serving alcohol to their patrons, and we as anime fans, and more specifically cosplayers, may be the subject of some intense scrutiny and potential ridicule.
I think this is going to be one of the biggest, and most important concerns among cosplayers and the anime fans. (Some people do start acting stupid, whenever alcohol is thrown into the mix.)

I am going to repeat what I said in the other thread here. As I said before, I don't want what happened at Dragon Con a few years ago to happen at AX. The safety of the AX attendees should always come first. If the AX fans aren't going to be assured of their safety, do not be surprised if some of them start carrying their own personal pepper sprays to protect themselves.


This reminds me of what had happened at the DragonCon convention in Atlanta, Georgia, a few years ago, when a group of drunken sports fans from a nearby football game wandered into one of DragonCon's convention's hotels. The drunken sport fans tried to pick a fight with the cosplayers by not only heckling the cosplayers, they were also tearing off the cosplayers's costumes. (Some of them tried to pin both male & female cosplayers to the floor, or to the wall & tried to remove their costumes.) Needless to say, many of the other cosplayers did not take their actions too kindly, and there were more than a few fist fights.

It was also a first time for DragonCon, and they never had a problem like that before, because their con had one of the best safety records in the South. But they also took care of that problem very quickly. DragonCon has stepped up their security since that incident, and only convention attendees with their badges are now allowed into the convention hotels. (Those drunken sports fans also were banned permanently from the convention hotels, and one of the biggest sponsors of the football game immediately pulled their sponsorship after they learned of that incident.)

My hope is that there won't be a repeat here of what happened at DragonCon. And if both AX & ESPN take the proper security procedures, it will lessen that chance greatly.

Perhaps as a possible security procedure, AX should allow only AX attendees with badges into the LA Convention Center, and have a special walkway that leads into the entrances of the convention center for AX attendees only. This is to prevent from any of the over 140,000 people from the X-Games from intentionally wandering into the convention center. I realize that some of the fans may get upset with such a tight security procedure, because it would mean that they can't be "Ghosting" anymore. (The act of showing up at the convention center without intending to buy a badge) But with over 141,000 people from the X-Games wandering about outside the convention center, it's far better to be safe than sorry.
While it is true that that it would be difficult to patrol every single exit & entrance of the convention center, the two most important entrances to watch would be the main entrances to the South Hall & West Hall. (Especially the West Hall entrance, where it is the closest to most of the X-Games event. This is the most likely spot that curious people from the X-Games would try to enter. (It's doubtful that they will try to take the long way around and enter through the back door exits.) They can also post security guards with a table & chair at two of the main entrances, since either AX or the LACC had hired a security force for the con in the past. The rest of the security team could do a roving patrol inside the convention center to make sure that people have their AX badges. (This way, they can provide security for the convention, without having to cover every single entrance & exit.)

Some of the conventions at the LACC have done this in the past. They didn't cover every single exit or entrance, but they covered the two main entrances to the South Hall & West Hall, and they had a roving patrol inside to make sure people had their badges.

Some measure of security is better than doing nothing. (If some people are hoping that the problem will just go away by itself, it won't. When you have over 141,000 people at the X-Games, that is a factor that just won't go away by itself.)


People are still booking the Hotel Figueroa, even though it's arguably the most vile hotel in the area. I don't think it's arguable that it's the most vile hotel in the AX block.
"Vile" is an understatement.

I'm going to repeat what I said about the Figueroa Hotel in the other thread as well. I stayed in this hotel during one of Anime Expo's, and it was so horrible, that we moved out after the 2nd day. (I'm also going to repeat what I said about the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.)

For everyone who needs to book the convention hotels for AX, here's the link from AX: (These are the convention rates, and it will be cheaper than if you book it directly from the hotel.)

Note: There's 2 hotels that I really wouldn't recommend booking that's on that list.

1. Figueroa Hotel

AVOID booking the crappy Figueroa hotel at all costs. Let's just say, this is a place to avoid, unless if you like sleeping with six legged friends in your bed, blood stained sheets, bed bugs, unsanitary & filthy conditions, and a room that's falling apart. I remember when I stayed here, I opened up the restroom's medicine cabinet, and a group of cockroaches rushed out. (It was all rusted on the inside.) The floor was so filthy, that when I walked barefoot on the hard uncarpeted stained bare floor, (With protruding cracks) the soles of my foot was all black with sooth & dirt. It got so bad, that my roommates and I moved after the 2nd day to the nicer Wilshire Grand hotel. (Unfortunately, the Wilshire Grand hotel is now demolished.)

The worst part about the hotel though, is dealing with a belligerent & combative owner named "Uno". The hotel is not part of any hotel chain, and Uno owns the hotel lock, stock, and barrel. Uno answers to no one, so he does whatever he want. The man will yell, cuss & swear to your face, if you dare to complain about his hotel. (He has thrown out guests in the middle of night for complaining about the hotel.) He also doesn't like females, and he will openly talk down to them. If there are any males in the party, he will purposely talk to the male, and pretend the females doesn't exist.

A large percentage of Uno's customers are European tourists, so he doesn't give a flying hoot, if he blatantly offends the locals. (He gets busloads of European tourists at his hotel.)

And yes, he doesn't like Americans either, and he's been very vocal about it.

That hotel also has one of the worst reputations in downtown LA. Some LA locals know about Uno's reputation, and they wouldn't touch that hotel with a ten foot pole.

In short, this filthy place makes a Motel 6 look like the Ritz Carlton.

I'm also kind of surprised as to why AX would include this hotel every year on their hotel convention list. (I have to ask, do they send people from AX to actually inspect the rooms at this hotel?)

2. Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

I'm also going to repeat this from the other AX Hotel thread about the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel offers something a bit more "extra", if you book that hotel. (It's listed in the hotel link as choice# 9: Millennium Biltmore Hotel.)

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel has a long reputation for being haunted with ghosts, and ghost hunters have said that the place can be very "active" at times. It's also used sometimes as part of a "ghost tour".

A recent hotel guest named "Sue B", (Who stayed there in September 2011) even described her paranormal experience at the hotel review site in Trip Advisor:

There are stories that the hotel's staff workers & security greatly dislike working the graveyard shift, and in the 10th & 11th floor. (Where it is supposedly most "active".)

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's just something to aware of, regarding that hotel's reputation if you do decide to book it.

Personally, after a long day at AX, I wouldn't really appreciate it if an extra "guest" in the room wakes me up in the middle of the night, and keeps me awake for the rest of the night.

And no, the other hotels like the J.W. Marriott, the Luxe, Sheraton, Westin Bonaventure doesn't have a haunted problem.

Other Hotel Notes:

All the other hotels in that AX booking list can be classified as excellent, good, adequate, or Motel 6 quality.

Also, certain days have already been sold out for certain hotels. Be sure to check on that AX hotel link above, as to which days are available for the hotel of your choice. If you see a "X" sign, it means that day is no longer available. If it see a "Check" sign it means that it is still available for that day. ("1 Bedded Room" also means only 1 bed instead of 2 beds.)

Besides the J.W. Marriott, and the Luxe, I would also recommend the Sheraton.

The nice thing about the Sheraton hotel is that it is a nice hotel, and it is still within walking distance to the convention center. (About a 10-15 minute walk one way.) Both the Wilshire Grand hotel, (Before it got demolished late last year to make way for a new hotel) and the Sheraton were one of the hotels that were the next closest to the convention center, after the Luxe, and J.W. Marriott. (I'm not going to even count the Figueroa hotel.)

IHOP & Subway, as well as a CVS pharmacy store is also less than a block away from the Sheraton.

And for obvious reasons, the J.W. Marriott, and the Luxe won't have shuttle access, because it's really close to the convention center.


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