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*Continuing the previous post, since it went over the post limit.*

What we know is that the X-Games is happening the same weekend as Anime Expo. On the surface, this doesn't seem like a bad thing, but it does cause problems in that the direct route by foot from the J.W. Marriott and the Luxe to the LACC could be completely cut off based on the 2011 layout of the X-Games as below:

X-Games 2011 Map

Thank you to Hetalia-Chan for their investigative prowess.

I'll repeat what I said in the other thread as well. Ease of access & getting to the convention center safely is going to be some of the biggest concerns among the AX attendees. A access way for the AX attendees (and the dealers/vendors as well) should be provided, so it would will not be difficult for the AX attendees to access the entrances of the convention center. If the X-Games block most of the entrances, it will become a fire & safety hazard, and the Fire Marshal won't be pleased.


With over 141,000 people from the X-Games hogging most of the parking spots at the convention center, finding parking is going to be a real pain in the neck.

Last year, the front street facing the convention center was also blocked off for whole block for a car rally race for the X-Games. (This means that the hotel shuttles may have to drop people off in the back or on the side of convention center since the front area of the convention center will entirely blocked off.) People staying from the Luxe hotel will have to also use an alternative crosswalk to get to the other side, because it will be blocked off.

Keep in mind that the X-Games will DOMINATE the downtown LA-Live area. They will take the Nokia Theatre, the Staples Center, the entire LA-Live Area, as well as blocking off the streets around certain areas at the convention center. And if they follow last year's map, the area where the hotel shuttles were dropping off the AX attendees will blocked off as well.

Driving through that area is going to be a nightmare with those streets blocked off.


And if they're non-cosplayers, it's less likely they'll come here.
As I've also said in the other thread, there are still many AX attendees who may not be aware of the X-Games being at the same time as AX. Those who have read this thread will be aware of the situation, and can prepare for it. But those who do not know, will end up being very surprised to see over 141,000 people taking over the entire LA-Live area.

I think it would prudent for AX to post a special notice at their website that the X-Games will be held at the same time, just so that at the very least, their attendees will be aware that they will sharing the event with ESPN.

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