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Well, there is a similar access/shuttle road outside the South Hall, so the shuttles do have an option to work with, but I still don't see an access way for foot traffic unless we want to go blocks out of our way or skirt the X-Games and mingle with that crowd.

The vendors, if they have the money/time, may be better served by getting their wares in on the 27th, since the X-Games starts on the 28th, and focusing on setup the day after.

Either way, ideally, only AX attendees should be using the LACC parking, however, that's unable to be enforced unless the SPJA, RIGHT NOW, mails us all some kind of parking pass. The problem is that the LACC just couldn't hold that many cars, so we're going to have problems there either way.

Actually, anyone who normally drives all four days may be forced to park a good distance away and take the subway/L-trains.
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