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Originally Posted by BizarreSerenity View Post
I really don't like the idea of the X-games being on at the same time.
Last year i stayed at the Kyoto Hotel with a group of friends and my boyfriend. As we walked to and fro from places around the hotel and con, we were ridiculed enough. I can only imagine what the X-Games crowd is going to be like, even without the booze.
Also, someone should REALLY make a nice big thread about the Fig. A big, noticeable one that might stop poor con goers from experiencing the worst hotel experience ever.

The point is that like I said;The x-games are a big rowdy event,filled with loud people and drunken fools.It seems as tho AX isn't saying anything about it tho,going as far as to leaving up to a blank only 2 months away from the convention itself.

Walking is pretty far from the Kyoto hotel all the way to the LACC,having to imagine how it's gonna be WITH more X-games attendes staying around,bring pepper spray and keep it close around going outside.Try getting to the convention early,try to decide what your doing early so you don't cross paths with X-game stuff like deciding to eat lunch after a 2 hour lunch,and WATCH OUT FOR CARS I WILL SAY IT AGAIN WATCH OUT,I REALLY AM SCARED SHITLESS OF SOMEONE GETTING HURT FROM ONE OF THOSE STUPID IDIOTS.

By the way,is the Kyoto hotel nice??
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