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First off you're not being a whiny brat here and that the con staff can't be bothered to care about complaints says bad things about that staff. There is definitely something wrong with a con-com that signs a contract to hold a convention in such a run down place. It's not only disgusting but dangerous to the health and safety of the attendees, staff and dealers. I agree with Caps suggestions here. You should definitely pass this along to others and you should just not attend the con in the future. If they can't make a profit then maybe the con-com will start to listen to complaints or the con will fold altogether, which from looking at the pics here would not be a bad thing. Even the location of the one outdoor con I attend a year makes sure all of the buildings and the streets they use are cleaned before the con and has all manner of tents and such in case of inclement weather. That's just pathetic.
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