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Originally Posted by Li_Syaoran View Post
Not to mention there was not alot of volunteer staff this year.
And also not to mention that volunteers working at a for profit is totally against Washington state laws... :3 Found that little bit of info FUN.

This years Aki Con was my first and more than likely my last unless things do a total 180 within the year. I feel horrible for the PR guy they threw out into all of this. >: He's had to deal with so much backlash in the last few days alone.

The conditions that people were put into were just...all kinds of awful. I seriously haven't seen artists treated this badly since SacAnime in 2009, and that was just stuffing people into a small, unlit space and not shoving them into a dirty, nasty, wet, unhealthy parking garage. The fact that Aki has outright blamed the artists for everything and basically called them butthurt whiners has really not been good for their image. Have fun making more money to line your pockets with when you take out your AA, Aki!

Xandra, you aren't a whiner, you aren't an idiot, and we all have to rant sometimes. I'm really glad that the word is getting spread. Maybe Aki will actually see that people are upset and refusing to come back will make them change. >: I know I'll never want to sell there let alone support a business that has such poor customer service and won't listen to anyone but themselves.
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