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That's a question I was wondering about as well. I was curious where our costumes would fit as far as competing was concerned. The costumes are not completely historical in nature since they're from a work of fiction but they don't really fit in the sci-fi/fantasy/anime masquerade either because of they are historical in a way.
JMO, but it's all in how you present it. The two masquerades have a very different approach and feel to them. If you're competing in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime masque, then you want to bring pictures of what you tried to do and emphasize how your costumes look just like the source you were working towards. If you're competing in the Historical masquerade, you talk about how authentic and true to the period your materials and methods were, or why you chose to do something different if your methods and materials aren't authentic (ex: sewing with a machine is acceptable if you can prove it would take too much time by hand, etc). I believe Historical requires documentation, too, which is research to prove how historical your garment is.
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