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Originally Posted by Luna View Post
Musicals...everyone and their mother are doing those.
Actually, I disagree. If you actually put effort into planning out a musical skit, it can be very entertaining; there's a reason Broadway has been pumping out musicals for 50+ years; people like them.
Agreed, badly planned musical skits are bad, but so is any badly planned skit. There was a GENIUS Evangelion skit at Otakon last year that used a re-written "Favorite Things" (The Sound of Music).
And I myself am planning a Petshop of Horrors musical skit to some stuff from "Little Shop of Horrors", complete with re-written lyrics.

I think it's just that if the effort isn't there (pre-recording, actually putting thought into how the skit/lyrics are re/written.) the audience can tell. It goes for any sort of skit.

But the musical of the moment things (Like Avenue Q) are irritating, probably because they get so much attention and become such a viral thing so fast. I'm a HUGE fan of Wicked, but have seen music from it being used properly for a skit ONCE. Out of 544654654 people doing "Popular", only ONE skit I've ever seen has used it well, because they made it their own.
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