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Doctor Who 2013

Time and location:

Sazumebachi's shoots: Friday at 6 and 7 pm
GraelynRose's shoots: Saturday at 3:30 and 5:30 pm

I didn't see a thread for this yet. We had a photoshoot last year. I was wondering if anybody else was going in Doctor Who cosplay again. Maybe we could get another photoshoot set up. I'll be there as Rose Tyler again. I'll have a Ten, Eleven, and Jack with me if all goes as planned. We may also have a Donna or Amy, Romana, Four, and Ten or Master.

Ten: Terrasolo
Eleven: dragonlance311

Rose Tyler: GraelynRose, sazumebachi (TEC/TDD), MissRankTwo (TEC/TDD)
Jack Harkness: JackHarkness
Amy Pond: StrawberrySiren (TGWW/VatD), Calmxdreamer's friend (ToA/F&S)
River Song: Mysticete (TPO/TBB)
Martha Jones: Rellychan (S&J and Posion Sky), SeleneHino
Sarah Jane: MissRankTwo

TARDIS: StarBeriDavi
Ianto Jones: duolove
Oswin Oswald: Calmxdreamer
UNIT: Fifthrate
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