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Originally Posted by SalvadorMalo85 View Post
I always like your replies to fitness questions lol.

Don't go crazy with long bouts of cardio. You are better off learning how to lift weights 2-3x a week and walking 3-4x a week on an empty stomach. If you do not have access to weights, find a bodyweight strength program not advertised by someone who is selling anything and go to town.

This being said, diet is the main factor that will help you lose weight (exercise just provides a good stimulation to lose lbs, gain muscle and strength). If you want to keep things simple, look up paleo dieting (Paleo book by Rob Wolf is a good start), but there are several paths to getting where you want to be.

Keto dieting is probably the hardest but most effective method. In a lot of diets, this means ingesting 0-30 carbs for 7-14 days, then cycling them afterwards. Again, this method is difficult to stick to (not just from lack of willpower, but also because a lot of basic foods have hidden carbs), but it works very well.
LOL, thanks I guess.
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