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In the end I loosely stitched on some fabric that resembled Agitha's white lines- it's so fitting! It was relatively cheap from the nearest fabric shop, too!
The dress I used as a base is a bit small but it works well for someone of Agitha's form. It already has a petticoat so I only needed one extra for the adequate poofiness!
Progress has been a little stalled- I'm preparing a room for some visitors atm, but so far I have:
-White thigh-highs to sow the bows on
-Butterfly/wing material
-1 Butterfly template
-Petticoats, dress
-Headgear base
-Bloomer materials + base

I molded the necklace out of clay, but I'm not so satisfied with the way it came out! So if anyone's selling one, it'd be appreciated to be told.
Ordered some large manga/anime elf ears from Aradani; should be arriving soon.
Thanks for the help and keep it coming!

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