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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
I considered commuting from my place way up in North York too, but the walk, bus, then subway and then walk AGAIN takes WAY too long for me and I have a bunch of extremely inconsiderate roommates who keep me from ever getting to bed early on weekends. So I'll just hope I do a heck of a lot better this year than last. And good luck to you too! What are you selling? It'll probably be my last time AAing at it with how much they keep charging for tables despite lackluster buyers. :P
Yeah it does take a long time. I sold at December comicon last year and had to commute from the Dufferin and Eglinton area, it was brutal carrying all that stuff and everyone just looks at you like you're crazy.
I'm mostly selling prints and a few simple watercolor paintings. What about you? Yeah hopefully you do well! Buyers do seem a bit stingy at the December show
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