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Ever wanted to be an Idol...? (AKB0048!)

Hi all!

I'm seeking cosplayers to form a standing group based on AKB0048. It's a very cute anime involving idols, mecha, and AKB48! We'll be performing AKB theater songs and singles at various cons - probably debuting in masquerades, but I'm hoping to move on and be non-competition at some point!

For information about the anime:

For information about AKB:

For character designs:

Dancing will be the main focus of this group, but it would be fantastic if we could find singers as well! Practices will be held once a month in San Jose, but we'll also be using this fancy new technology called the internet to upload lesson videos for people who can't regularly attend.

Contact me either via this thread, or at Let's all reach for our dreams together!

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