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Venus McFlytrap:
[-] Wig
[X] Jacket, Skirt, Boots, Ivy Jewelery, T-shirt, Legging
[-] Makeup
[FAIL] Arm covers/fingers

Watashi: Done Needs a good ironing tonight!!!

Yes even after the weekend I'm still working on Venus's wig but I have progress!

I'm not happy with it but It's really hard to train fine wig fiber to behave like doll hair at this scale. I'll probably remake the wig with EpicCosplay fibers for FanExpo without the padding. Current using Tacky Glue To GLUE the hair on top down on the crown to keep the fiber in place. >_<

The issue with her is that it's so much hair that it wants to fall with gravity which mean splay outwards.

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