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Cool & EBK's Table-Gatherings

Hey everyone,

With about 2 weeks to go until Nekocon, I thought I might post this as a notice that I'll be hosting the traditional table-gathering sometime on Friday and/or Saturday night during Nekocon. Last year I tried to do it and it worked for a little bit, but I had to shut it down because a line for some late-night panel formed, so the line blocked the people who wanted to hang out there. So this year I'm going to find a nice spot that won't be in the way of any lines, and that more people will be able to stop by and take a look. (For those of you who went to Otakon this year, originally I was going to have it by the dance but Admin wanted to have it by the info-desk at the Baltimore Convention Center, so we had it there for a couple of hours.) Admin won't be attending this year, so I'll be hosting the table-gathering myself..

For those of you new to and unsure what this is, here's the usual information I give about the table-gathering: After a loooong and tiring day of taking cosplay photographs, while others go out to eat dinner, or stay up late for anime screenings, room parties, karaoke, or just hanging out with friends, I like to do the latter but add a little something to it. I like to find an empty table or 2 with chairs, and set-up a little area to let people stop by and check out what I'm advertising. As you know, the pictures I take go up on my gallery here on, so when I joined up with Admin back in 2002, I promised him that I'd promote the site and so at these table-gatherings I tell people where to find the pictures I take, and also show them some examples of what I've taken during the day. How do I do that? I have my portable-printer that I use to print out pics that I've taken during the daytime on Friday/Saturday, so that people can see what costumes I saw and took pics of earlier that day. (I also will have example pictures from other cons, so let's see if you can spot a picture of a cosplayer that's WAS NOT taken at Nekocon 2004.) The pictures I print from that day will NOT be for sale, but if I print out a picture of you and you stop by and see it, I can donate it to you as a "thank you" for posing! Here's a couple of examples of the table-gathering: (Thanks to Reiko and Tora for keeping me company at Katsucon 2004) (Thanks to RikkuX & Nicole for their support at Anime Central 2004)

I still take pictures tho DURING the table-gatherings, so if you plan to wear a costume during the evening, stop by the table, and I'll be happy to take pictures of your costume(s) if I didn't take them before earlier in the day. I usually keep an eye out for cosplayers I missed taking pictures of, but it's always appreciated when cosplayers come up to me and ask me to take their picture.

And.. one of the highlights of the table-gathering is the music I play. I'll have my subwoofer & speaker-system with me, so I'll be blasting out some music while taking pics, printing pics, and chatting with people. What kind of music? hehe What else? I'll have lots of Super Eurobeat music, which includes (but not limited to) Initial D, ParaPara, Ayumi Hamazaki, EveryLittleThing, and AnimeParaPara. I'll also include some other music like freestyle, dancetechno (including Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts remixes), Eurobeat-InuYasha, and... since Christmas is around the corner, I'll be playing the infamous EUROBEAT CHRISTMAS music for you all to hear! ho-ho-ho.. So just listen for the music and you'll know where to find the table-gathering.

OK, now for the info about where/when/time: Since I've yet to set foot into the Chesapeake Holiday Inn & Convention Center, I'm unsure yet as to WHERE it'll be held, but most likely inside the convention center or hotel, where there's people who still walk around at night, so it'll be in an area that there'll be con-attendees wandering about. As for time, I'll probably set-up the table-gathering in the EVENING, so keep an eye out for it after 9 or 10pm, and it'll go until they close down the convention center for the night or if I get tired. (I DO need some sleep so I can continue taking pictures the next day, don't i?? hehe) For sure Friday night I'll have one, and Saturday night it'll depend if there's still a lot of cosplayers after the masquerade, what time it gets out, and how hungry/tired I'll be after that. So we'll see, but definitely Friday night I'll have it.

So please stop by when you have the chance to say hello, introduce yourself if you're a member here on, check to see if I got your picture, or to hang out if you wish. I appreciate your support and thank you (ahead of time) for posing for pictures and I'll see you all in a couple of weeks! ciao~ -EBK
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